October 8, 2019

Survey results are in!

Markus Wüstenberg @markuswustenberg

I made a survey for podcasters in Denmark, so I could get a little insight into their daily challenges and use of tools for creating their podcast. 16 people responded, and I think there is enough data to learn something interesting. I made a little blog post describing the highlights of what I've discovered: https://www.podheart.com/blog/asking-podcasters-whats-important-to-them.html?utm_source=ih&utm_medium=page&utm_campaign=survey1

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Today's Top Milestones
  • Indie London + IndieBeers = ❤️
    A story of merging indie businesses :) -- As of today, the Indie London and IndieBeers communities join forces to create one place for London Indie Ha
  • Conan O'Brien Became Customer!
    So, I got an order today for Almost Cake. I always check if everything is alright and perform small due diligence. I checked
  • 1000 signups!
    It's been 2 months since we launched the beta of Logology. During this period, we tried to gather as much feedback as possible to learn fast and itera
  • First Image of Dashboard
    Added the first image of our lovely dashboard to our landing page and we included indiehackers on the screenshot too! Our users page is what different
  • 18 freemium signups in less than a few minutes.
    So, I finally automated my first email (yes, it feels great) and it was so that users of bubbleleads.com could get 50 taster leads for free. I didn't
  • 100 paying customers
    Proxies API(https://www.proxiesapi.com/) was the most unlikely project that I ever thought would bring me success. The secret this time was doing a pr
  • Launched Beta
    After a week of playing around and investigating Medium. I've built and launched medium2gram.com. A tool that allows Medium bloggers to generate Insta
  • SVG livecoding tutorial screencast
    Inspired by @calebporzio I'm working towards a full suite of screen casts teaching people how to do neat things with [Slingcode](https://slingcode.net
  • First client signed up!
    We've been working together for some time through Upwork, and after several successful months of work, we decided to go further and continue work with
  • My first 20 users - got some feedback 🤗
    About 2 weeks ago I launched Slick.events and I have already managed to get 20 users - but more importantly received some really good feedback. "Hey,