December 2, 2020

Selected for a free month of development help!!!

Andy Nelson @Andyjamesnelson

After replying to an IH post, Poise was selected for a month of free development work!

It's been an amazing experience & we're currently working on MVP V2.

We're building an experience that makes it easy for customers to submit their content for narration, listen back & give feedback before publishing as a podcast.

Thank you so much Prologe!!!

Today's Top Milestones
  • Hey guys,
    We just launched Pitch Deck Database - a collection of 700+ pitch decks from the world's best startups on Product Hunt. We've made this tool to help f
  • Early Access
    Released the book in early access form. It already has 6 purchases. The email list now has 48 subscribers. I emailed them all to let them know it's av
  • Launch
    We started development in December. Pivoted a few times and finally in January it was able to be released. Just now working hard to promote and analyz