January 20, 2020

Rebranded from DailySWE


Polynomal is the rebranding and (slight) pivot of DailySWE.

DailySWE initially started out with the intention of providing users with daily software engineering questions. These questions were designed to help software engineers progress their careers, learn new concepts, or refresh their existing knowledge.

While the initial idea garnered a lot of traction (~2,000 waitlist subscribers in one month), I felt there was something not quite right. After sitting down and really thinking through the platform and idea, I realized I was naively assuming each user already knew the concepts we'd be quizzing them on.

This realization (which I should have had early on) prompted me to take a step back and rethink what I was trying to accomplish. From the start, DailySWE was supposed to be a way for software engineers to learn advanced concepts in computer science & software engineering. DailySWE had the questions but it didn't provide the lessons, and that's where DailySWE pivoted to Polynomal.

Polynomal is for software engineers seeking expertise. We teach the hard stuff in computer science & software engineering through interactive bite-size lessons designed to fit in your daily routine.

Over the past month I have been working on rebranding DailySWE to Polynomal. The effort has been intense but it is finally done. Just in time for YC Startup School too.

If you're interested in Polynomal and gaining expertise as a software engineer, check out polynomal.com. See you there!