January 9, 2020

Got my first 5-star rating

Sebastián Benítez @ds9soft

Yay! Got my first 5-star rating on the Mac App Store for PopDo. I hope there are more to come ☺️. I can’t tell right now from which country the user is, but most sales came from Germany or USA, so statistically must have come from there…

The outlook for PopDo is still uncertain. Since launch there have been sales every day, but they seem to be stagnating. I could be happy with 2 sales per day on average if it sales finally flattened. That would total around $420 after the Apple 30% cut and almost free of local taxes.

There’s still a lot of work to be done marketing-wise, such as getting more traction after getting approved in Beta List and Beta Page. As it is a young product, I might be expecting too much of it, but I need the income to further develop it.

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