January 14, 2020

Get a domain name and set up a quick private MVP

Alexandru Catalin Trandafir @atrandafir

As said before this product shared some functionality of AllMyPicz product who's goal whas to manage albums of pictures & videos.

So in order to quickly test some concepts the following was done:

  • Cloned AllMyPicz webapp files into a new project
  • Renamed "Album" with "Project" across whole application
  • Updated copy/text on the home page and quickly added all the features & benefits of using Portfolee
  • Deployed the new webapp on a server
  • Added all the projects we've done at my software company to it and started to play with it

Voila. Very basic MVP up & running and also a temporary landing page.

Also social networks created in order to post news and allow visitors to stay updated.

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