Pory Turns 1 🥳

This time last year I committed Pory's first line of code. 🤯
Since then our little platform has helped thousands of people across the world build products using Airtable.

I’ve been racking my brains all day trying to find the right words to describe our journey to 100k in MRR. Whilst we are far from reaching this goal, I still wanted to take the time to share our highs and lows with you all.

Article here: https://pory.io/blog/pory-turns-1-our-journey-to-100k-in-mrr

Happy Birthday, Pory ❤️

  1. 1

    congrats!!! year 2!

    i'm starting year 4!

    1. 2

      Thank you! All the best :)

  2. 1

    Well done.

    It's still impressive how quickly Pory has grown and the awareness that's been created in the No Code space. Rising tide lifts all shps

    1. 2

      Love that saying! That's exactly what happened to Pory haha

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