October 14, 2019

4,000+ stars on GitHub

Liyas Thomas @liyasthomas


Thanks for all your support! Without them, We wouldn't have reached where we're right now. Thanks for the contributions, suggestions, reviews, feature requests and love.

We need your suggestions and contributions to make Postwoman better.


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    Congratulations! Looks like you're starting to get quite a momentum going! 👏👏👏

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    Great job Liyas Thomas. I have been using postman (postman NOT postwoman :) ) for a while, but this one looks great as well. Since I am in testing and test automation, I do a lot of API testing and this could come in handy.

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      Glad you're making use of it. Let me know any feature requests, bug reports for the betterment of the project.

      Share among your friends and colleagues 😍💜

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    This is very cool,

    I'm looking at the sharing issue right now. Is there going to be a future where the postwoman demo would require a login?

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      Might be. To sync history and collections, we're planning to introduce GitHub or Google sign in with Firebase.

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        Is it already using firebase for any backend storage?

        I like clicking a sign in with google button. But normally I get over it if I need to

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          We already have Firebase hosting and added support for realtime DB and firestore , auth etc for future development

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    Wow! That is amazing! I've never even gotten one star on GitHub. Nice work, I'll be checking out what you did.

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      Yeah! You definitely should 🎉

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    Congrats. Have followed PostWoman's story here. Inspired by how it grew.
    Want to help you fund PostWoman and help it grow even more. DM ing you

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      We would love to make the most of this opportunity. I'll reply to your email.