December 2, 2019

First Organic User! But Making PR Patrol Free

Ian Forsyth @ianforsyth

Last week I got really excited, I had my first organic sign up for PR Patrol. The user signed up but then fell out of the funnel, not setting up any repos or patrols. I reached out personally via email offering to help any way I could but I haven't heard back yet.

It made me realize something though, PR Patrol is currently just a hobby project and I'm using it as a learning experience. I'm a capable enough engineer to build a full product, it's the other areas of indie-hacking I need to practice - specifically marketing and customer service. More than anything I just want users, that way I can start supporting them and then iterating on the product. So for now, I'm removing all pricing info from the landing page and making it a free product. (Side note, it makes me really happy I never actually spent the time to implement payments and billing.) Maybe after some time I can build it into a very useful and sticky product and start charging a small fee.

That said, I've been shuffling around other ideas in my head for new products and would like to just start getting them out into the world without a focus on monetization yet.

Lastly, I STILL haven't been able to get PR Patrol listed in the GitHub marketplace, I think that would give it a big boost in audience but need to figure out what the delay is there.