October 30, 2019

Rebooting PR Patrol

Ian Forsyth @ianforsyth

Last summer, I took a workflow we had at [VTS](https://vts.com] and turned it into an application the engineers could use. We wanted to know when a pull request was opened that changed certain code.

Some people wanted alerts when database migrations were being added so they could look for best practices, others wanted them when new styling got added so they could make sure it followed our internal style guide, and others had one or two files they were particularly knowledgable about and wanted to keep an eye on.

So I created a basic version of PR Patrol and gave VTS engineers access. It turned out to be extremely useful, providing both slack and email alerts for individuals and whole teams. I let it sit for a while but I'm catching the indie hacker bug and I'm thinking it would be a good candidate for a pilot project to try to market and get some paying users on. This is the start of the journey!

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