September 4, 2019

Launched on ProductHunt

Tom Kadwill @tomkadwill

I launched PR Scheduler on ProductHunt -

The launch went fairly well. I was in the top 5 for a while but wasn't able to stay there the whole day. It's okay though, I didn't think it was likely to be in the top 5 because it's a fairly niche development tool.

From the Launch I got about 10 new signups. A few users also scheduled PRs which is a great feeling.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • Using partial features without registration
    Some people might not want to create an account, because it takes time and effort. Now we have made some of our features free in terms of accessibilit
  • 10 Affiliate Signups with no marketing, 2 converts
    We added an affiliate program for last month and received a total of 10 affiliate signups from people who came across the affiliate progra
  • Major feature released
    Part of our value prop at Respo is that we only send you questions/answers from messages that you should have access to (aka. we don't violate Slack's