August 30, 2019

Pra v1.3.0 available in AppStore

Drew De Ponte @drewdeponte

Woot! Woot! Just got Pra v1.3.0 into the AppStore ( ). This release is a pretty significant release. It adds the foundation for a completely new feature concept, Quick Filters.

It does this with a new sidebar and a list of Quick Filters that allow you to quickly adjust your focus of Pull Requests based on your current mindset. For example if you want to check-in on how your own Pull Requests are doing there is a Quick Filter for that. If you want to see Pull Requests assigned to you there is a Quick Filter for that, etc.

What is even more important is that it includes the foundation work to support various Quick Filters going forward. This release also includes the ability to Ignore Organizations. This is an extremyl useful feature to help focus your feed of Pull Requsets down to just the ones you care about even quicker than before.

I hope people really enjoy the latest functionality.

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