January 8, 2020

Consistent Weekly Sales

Jonathan C. Hutchinson @JCHutchinson

I was really excited to launch the app, as it was an idea I had for a long time, and finally made the time to execute. When I first launched, downloads only came from those I told about the app. After that I needed to find a way to get consistent downloads, which would then lead to sales.

This problem was solved by running campaigns via social media. Downloads went up, and so did the sales :) The problem was when I stopped promoting, downloads/sales would steadily decline to a halt, so I had to keep the campaigns running.

Eventually I stopped running, the ads, to see the response. Sales and downloads, declined, but have not come to a halt. I haven't promoted it in close to 6 months, but still getting organic traffic via word of mouth/social media presence.

Very pleased so far, but so much more to accomplish.

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