January 5, 2020

Decision to re-start with Prepper App

Matthias Schmid @mschmid

After launching the Prepper App for iOS in 2013 for the Appstore (Objective C), in the last years development and marketing stagnated and I just released a few bugfix updates.
Beginning of 2019 I decided to go for the two major feature requests from customers:

  • Synchronisation between different devices (for families) and
  • Android support

This was impossible with my existing objectiveC Code base and several attempts to modernize didn't succeed:

  • Automatically converting it to swift (Just a lot work to do manually and still not fulfilling my needs)
  • Attaching a custom PHP backend to the iOS app

So I decided to give modern web development techniques a try: ReactJS, Redux, and Firestore.
The most I got out of this udemy course which directly fitted my needs. Happy developing!

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