December 22, 2019

New Community Features in Presbot

Satya Mohapatra @mohapsat

I am really excited to announce some new and exciting features on Presbot. The latest version of Presbot includes two of the top requested community features: Likes and Connections

You will now be able to like and connect with other Presbots on the Community page ( as well as on the individual public profile pages. You will also be able to see other's connections and connect with them.

In addition, I've added minor UI enhancements to the community and profile pages, and fixed layout on some mobile screen sizes.

Please be sure to visit your Presbot page to see the enhancements, and do continue to share feedback and bugs to make the service better.

Happy Holidays!!

Founder of Presbot

Twitter: @mohapsat

Presbot Help: [email protected]
Twitter: @presbot1

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