Price2Spy can monitor location-sensitive stores!

It is getting harder for price monitoring tools since many websites are enabling showing different prices (and product information in general) depending on the client’s location. In such cases, a price monitoring tool can not crawl only one price because the website will show different prices depending on the geographical location.

We are happy to announce that Price2Spy is able to monitor location-sensitive stores!

There are a few potential situations that we have covered:

  1. Websites that show different availability/price/shipping costs based on the client’s address. For example, Amazon and Walmart.

  2. Websites that explicitly ask you to choose your local store – and then display prices/availability from that store.

  3. Websites that are offering more languages and currencies.

All that clients have to do is let us know what locations we should use. For example, they can give 3 separate locations for Walmart – and we’ll treat them as 3 separate URLs in our reports – Walmart A, Walmart B, and Walmart C. When it comes to picking different languages and currencies, we follow a simple rule - if a person can do it, Price2Spy can do it, too.
You can read more on our blog: https://www.price2spy.com/blog/monitoring-prices-from-location-sensitive-stores/

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