October 22, 2019

Came up with the idea!

JE @je

After shutting down the last bootstrap effort (Keentech) I decided to move on to the B2B SaaS world. After looking through the ideas list idea was born: simple LMS. I bought employeesprime.com, found a free icon, but... somewhy suspended the project and proceeded with Symply (https://symply.me). Three months later Symply was sold and I'm searching for a new idea again. Long story short, after some back and forth, the LMS idea won again. This time with the name Primez :)

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Today's Top Milestones
  • Contact from first 2 unconfirmed early adopters
    This was a great surprise. I post updates about **dwata** on all maker platforms that I can, which includes Pioneer. Two startup founders got curious
  • Came up with the idea
    tl;dr: I'm making a Paddle for APIs I was thinking about making an API using a pay per user model. The sole problem was that I couldn't find a payment
  • Rolling out our first Smart TV App - ZenPic
    About two days ago Tim had this idea to make an app for Apple TVs that shows high-res photography and crossfades different images over time. Well, it
  • Second public demo launched
    The last week I tried to focus on some low hanging fruits about issues that affect teams as a whole in data management. Documentation inside an admin