August 22, 2019

Our first organic client today!

Saurabh Jain @saurabhj

Got a new paid order today. The customer found us by searching online -- on the internet! Yay!

Even though I am running paid ads on Facebook (a very small budget) and seeing good click throughs, haven't had a paid gig conversion as yet. Some 13K impressions / 7K reach and 250+ clicks in 3 days with ads running only for certain localities in my city.

Going to let this run for a bit - atleast till 10 days and see what happens. (Today is day 3 I think).

Anyways, this was pretty cool. I asked her how she found out about us and she said - she searched online. So, yay! Again!

I expect this to be slow.

Also learnt that this was a print job for a festival she was organizing in her neighbourhood. A written quiz for kids - so I offered her a 50% discount if she would let me print a little message - an ad - on the back of the pages. She agreed.

Let's hope this helps spreading the word - a little.
I think word-of-mouth is going to factor in big time here!

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