October 17, 2020

Payment Solution Update

Anton Zorin @antonz

Back in July, we have been having numerous discussions on which payment solution we should stick to.
After giving it quite some thought, we've selected Stripe (thanks to its beautiful API guide).
Having worked with it for months, we realized that running a business is much more complicated than just collecting payments.

Long story short, we decided that tracking tax rates, depending on the country, on the state (in case of US), what type of business (B2B, B2C), tax-exempt eligibility, VAT, and so on, and so forth, is very much complicated and we'd better work on the product than on accounting.
After some time we took a decision that wasn't hard, we integrated with Paddle.
We will share more about our experience with them, so far it was good, despite some delays in our account reactivation.