LP for Product Treasury

20 days past after the latest update which was the landing page of Prodhunt. One or two sales happened in the meantime, more than 40 domains re-taken.

Now, finally I eat the frog and started the day working on the landing page for the Treasury.

I took my own advice and before jumping into youtube tutorials where they explain fancy transitions, absurd layouts. I've Read The Fabulous Documentation and realized all this time my tailwind code to tangle was to forget using container class in the root element.

After that, all was a breeze, I'm again happy with the copy. This is my second ever landing page. It's like expecting the muscles grow while thinking about going to the gym. Instead I opt in to start writing. Not the best headline or the template, yet it feels good to come up with something and put it into internet.

If you are reading this, check out https://prodhunt.com/treasury and let me know what do you think.

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