New Landing Page 🔥 w/ Tailwind

Special thanks to Maeva for her brilliant suggestions¹ and Chris for encouraging me to give it another go².

I can't say it's looking good or am I feeling great about it. Previously I used a free template from cruip, now I've copied some parts from tailwindcss' website and altered. Even with copying some code, it took longer than what I'd want to spend. However I'm relieved to finally be able to write some copy (not claiming it's great either), which was a troubling topic for me. Nice to remove this from to-do list. Now to move on to some marketing. 2-15 more sales to hit yearly goal. Shouldn't be hard to achieve within 27 days. 🤞


1: Make me regret for not outsourcing
2: I will brutally shut down your idea and tell you to get a real job 😈

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