October 16, 2019

Idea...now what?

David Getchel @DavidGetchel

During my second startup weekend a few months back, I was left wanting more. Nothing was really made by the groups. Sure some domains bought, logos made and landing pages created, but nothing usable. Or tangible. No product. No MVP. Nothing. Don't get me wrong, I still had fun, learned some things and met cool people.

And I know that isn't the case for all startup weekend events, but it left me wanting more. Knowing we could have created more if we took action instead of talking in circles.

I think we discuss too much theory and not enough testing, iterating and selling. It's a weekend event that throws many people together. A product, digital or physical seems much more fun to create. And there isn't pressure that it's a startup and needs the group to stick together after and work on it.

So I registered productweekend.org

Moving forward, I want to host a weekend event in Sacramento to test the theory that the focus of "Product Over Startup" is more rewarding for participants.

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