Producter November Update

We're back with the November'21 update! Can you believe it's December already?!

In this update, we have exciting news on growth and business. There is more to explore; continue reading to find out 📑

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  • 3 new companies have started using Producter to manage their product feedback process.
  • We have started partnering with 8 different accelerators, incubators as a perk provider. We back fresh startups to help scale their product management processes from day one.
  • 470 product people joined our waitlist.
  • As a part of our content strategy, we created 4 blog posts and 1 gated copy on product management.
  • Over 1300 new visitors visited our website for the first time.
  • We reached 820 followers on LinkedIn.
  • We partnered with the product and SaaS event Jotform & Sifirdan Globale SaaS Conference.
  • We conducted a mini-survey with our audience. The result is so significant.
  • We hosted Deniz Irgin (VP of Engineering at Homerun) at Prodcast by Producter's latest episode.
  • Dirk, CPO at Contentpepper, wrote a G2 review for us. Check out our first G2 review! 🔥

Our motivation on this difficult path is definitely derived from the early believers. 🙏🏻

And we know: "The point is not to find the average customer but to find early adopters: the customers who feel the need for the product most acutely. Those customers tend to be more forgiving of mistakes and are especially eager to give feedback."

Hold on to your early believers. They are the early-stage heroes of your success. Helping them solve their pain points will enable you to grow 🚀

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