October 9, 2019

Partner program launched! 30% commission! 🔥🔥

Very proud of this! I just launched a partner program on https://producthero.app. It was a 4 full days hell of a work but it was totally worth it!!

How does it work? Pretty simple:

  • We pay out a 30% commission for each referral, every month that they pay us!
  • Our affiliate cookies last for a full 90 days, maximising the chances that you'll be rewarded for the referral
  • Payouts are made at the end of each month

Once activated you can monitor in real-time your metrics and get insight on how your Referrals are behaving!

To activate it just sign-up or login in from https://producthero.app and click on the first menu item on the upper left, no mistakes possibile!

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