Came up with the idea

I've been working on SourceSort for a month or so. It's gone reasonably well, with 4k visitors in the first month and around 50 trickling in every day with no further effort. I built SourceSort to improve on the solutions for developers to find open source projects to contribute to. I think I've done that, but I've also build something that a) has no reason for people to come back with any frequency and b) has no viable business model in the short term and c) has a fairly small total addressable market.

I knew all these things when I started and just wanted to solve the problem in front of me. SourceSort is more or less automated already and I now need to return to trying to build something that will make me financially independent.

The idea for Profiled is to do what I did for open source projects - surfacing useful insights - for developer profiles. There's no money in contributing to open source but there's lots of money in hiring developers.

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