October 11, 2019

Found a co-founder

Jonny Burch @jonnyburch

Found a co-founder in @ncameron after kissing a few frogs, and broke ground on the next version of the product https://www.progressionapp.com

After exploring an info-product I realised what I needed to build was a full SaaS app. I'd never done that before.

It took a few attempts to find a great co-founder for me, but eventually (on the Indiehackers London slack channel) I found Neil.

Neil was not only experienced in many things I'm not, but a fantastic fit for me in many other ways too. (I'm writing this in early October 2019 and we're still going strong!)

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    congrats! landing page looks awesome

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    Just wanted to say that your product looks awesome!

    I think it solves a very real problem, as i've worked at multiple companies where career progression & skills tracking was a mess of wiki pages and google docs.

    Good luck!

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      Ah thanks @atymic – we're definitely seeing a bunch of interest. Just trying to crack the product experience with our beta users before launching properly! Feel free to hit me up if you ever feel the problem again...

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    Looks great, I’ve signed up - progression.fyi looks like a great resource too. Based in London if you’d like to do some user testing