November 27, 2020

It has a name!

Richard O'Dwyer @richardindie

After months under a codename, our freedom of speech based, full open-sourced YouTube alternative now has a name.

Veems (

It doesn't actually mean anything, but it's catchy, so that'll do.

We'll be sharing screenshots on the Discord channel very soon, so If you'd like to follow along with those updates feel free to hop aboard:


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    Hey @richardindie this is fantastic. Why? Because freedom of speech should exist more than ever today.

    In third world countries there has been a large crack down on free speech and spreading the message through video platforms. I was talking to a charit founder yesterday who told me about a dozen academics were killed in Bangladesh for their free speech. Veems might be the tool for people willing to voice their opinion. Maybe teaming up with such charities could help.

    Also open software movement people in developing nations are usually open about their thoughts about the government and other bad society practices as well. So Veems could help them as well.

    Wish you all the very best and this is great initiative on your part.

    P.S You'll need to change the IH profile profile name to Veems :) Happy weekend.