Picked a product name

I’ve been working on my side project to solve my own need for a couple months. I’ve built out the base functionality with about 2 hours a night each day after my 4 kids are in bed.

Up until last week I just had placeholder names for the app, but nothing that really explained the product well. Whatever the name was I wanted to make sure the .com domain was available. That leaves out a lot of the straightforward product names.

As I was thinking about what the product was trying to accomplish I kept coming up with the word predict. I’m trying to create a project estimate that is in line with reality and “predict” the future. I quickly came up with Project Predictor.

My wife is always my sounding board. She had already shot down Winning Estimate. So I knew the name was promising when she quickly said she liked it. It was the same response as when I came up with my last product Just Love Them.

Luckily Project Predictor also fit my criteria that the .com domain be available and I quickly purchased the domain. Once I had the domain I put up a quick signup page through MailChimp. I would appreciate any feedback you have on the landing page copy.

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