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Projekt19 is a kick in the pants to get my creative self moving.

April 1, 2021 BIP Month #3 Retro

I’m happy with the projects I’ve launched thus far. Sure, the projects are low-hanging fruit, I’m doing it for a reason. Slowly progressing to larger, bigger more complex ideas. I didn’t want to come out and get overwhelmed by a single idea. Remember this journey is to allow me to exercise all my ideas. Honestly, Who has just one idea?

The Numbers

  • 📈 150 new Visitors to

  • 💌 22 Total Subscribers to Projekt19 Newsletter.

  • 👋 40 New Users to

  • #️⃣ 17 New Twitter Followers

  • 👛 $1500 Sales generated with Where We Sweat. 33 orders, 400 unique visitors, 46 Instagram followers, 40 email subscribers

  • 🚀 Newly launched Best Web Digest with an average 8% open rate

What Went Well

🚀 Best Web Digest Launch: Numero #3, built a simple weekly newsletter for designers to be inspired. I talked about it more here.

🙏 Twitter rejoice - I’ve been able to get a more consistent posting routine on twitter. I’m getting the sense that my twitter following is engaging plus I’ve gained some new followers. Looking forward to putting more effort into growing my twitter audience. Recently started using Typefully, simple tool for writing twitter threads.

🗞 Where We Sweat - Didn’t have big expectations with creating an eCommerce Pop Up Shop. Above I shared the stats, I think it’s a successful launch. I was more excited about the “influencers” that I was able to reach out to successfully and represent the brand. Where We Sweat was positioned as a pop-up-shop, I do believe it will transform into something else. We will see what it becomes.

What Did Not Go well

📆 Gumroad 14 Day Product Challenge: - I joined up the recent Gumroad challenge. Not because I needed motivation but because I was curious what resources, the education I would receive doing something in 14 days. I was a little disappointed with the community resources offered. There wasn’t a lot of chatter with the challengers, wasn’t a lot of information provided other than a simple PDF giving you daily challenges. I have a product that I have started and am almost finished and ready to launch. It’s not all that bad ;)


Schedule and batch content ahead of time. The past few weeks, I’ve taken 1-3 days to focus purely on creating content. Content creation isn’t always easy! To help ease this, I’ve recently been spending a good chunk of time creating content. Let’s say write 4-5 articles. Doesn't have to be fully polished, but having the core content there makes revisiting this better. More or less writing content versus editing content another day. The same goes for social, newsletters that all have schedulers! It also helps when you just aren’t feeling like writing.

Action Items

  • Launch the half-done product that I worked on through the GumRoad challenge.

  • Close Where We Sweat pop-up-shop. Likely just add a landing page for now.

  • Ignore NFT buzz

  • Formally announce this fun project I’ve been working on for quite some time.

  • Learn more about how to build a community. Yes, this is a hint on a project coming up!

March 1, 2021 BIP Month #2 Retro

Looking back on the past month, I can say that I managed the workload a little better than the first month. There are ups and downs with every journey, I have to say I’m still riding high.

Let’s jump right into it!

The Numbers

  • 📈 480 Unique Visitors to

  • 💌 19 Total Subscribers to this newsletter

  • 👋 670 New Users to

  • 🚀 Launched Where We Sweat - 21 orders, 400 unique visitors, 46 instagram followers

  • #️⃣ 5 New Twitter Followers

What Went Well

🚀 E-commerce Launch - Launching an e-commerce site in a weekend. Shopify is a fun tool and provides a quick way to get up and running. Happy that I chose to jump into an e-commerce project early. Fitness apparel has always been a passion of mine, this project was fun to build out. Bonus is I did it in a two days

🙏 Twitter rejoice - I’ve been able to get a more consistent posting routine on twitter. I’m getting the sense that my twitter following is engaging plus I’ve gained some new followers. Looking forward to putting more effort into growing my twitter audience. Recently started using Typefully, simple tool for writing twitter threads.

🗞 Content, content and more content - Providing valuable content is a tough hustle, but vital for building an audience. I’ve been able to set some standards for my content publishing, not only on this newsletter but elsewhere.

  • A Friday Fix twitter thread every Friday
  • Repurpose newsletter content for Medium
  • Not sure if subStack is the right model for my content. I’ve been experimenting with posting on IndieHackers

What Did Not Go well

🕵 Weekly Newsletter - I succumbed to the weekly effort of posting a newsletter. I missed one! I have been struggling about what types of content I want to share here. Last week I spent a few hours putting some shape on some content and creating a backlog of topics.

👕 Where We Sweat - Thus far the site hasn’t reached the potential I was hoping for. I am happy with the design, build and brand. E-commerce is hard to create traffic, especially early on. I’ve done an “okay” job at marketing - but it’s hard selling “another” t-shirt business. I’ve had some success with influencers and cold outreach but was hoping for more. Hoping during March I can get more eyes to turn to buyers.


🗓 Side hustlers out there, schedule your work nights! It’ll give you appropriate space and sets expectations for your partner and family.

Action Items

  • Start creating content for Reddit posts
  • Launch a design newsletter in the upcoming week
  • Ship out the first set of orders for Where We Sweat and push hard to get social content from fans
  • Dive into NFT’s 😜
February 6, 2021 Launch #2:

Second official launch from Projekt19. Introducing a fitness apparel pop up shop for the CrossFit Open. A yearly event where the community comes together and celebrates through fitness. All proceeds go to Canadian CrossFit businesses that are struggling through the current economic situation.

February 4, 2021 BIP Month #1 Retro

Every new project is a roller coaster of emotions. Everything starts on a high.

I told myself when I started that I didn’t want to get too excited and throttle myself in.

Well, that didn’t work, I threw myself in 110%. I mean how can you not, you find something you are passionate about - you get after it!

Building 19 projects in two years with Projekt19!

Thats what it took for me to get started!

I’ve already written about how and why I got started. This post is a retrospective of month one! I like the idea of this practice and I will work on keeping this up. It’s important to learn from doing and be transparent. I told myself I would #buildInPublic. This is an important aspect of my journey!

Let’s jump right into it!

The Numbers

📈 380 Unique Visitors to

💌 17 Subscribers to a SubStack newsletter

🚀 1st Product launched

#️⃣ 15 New Twitter Followers

What Went Well

🏃 Getting started! That’s always the hard part right? Well at least for me it has been. I have to remind myself to celebrate that I got started!

🎒 Learning! In a short amount of time, I was able to level up with noCode, integrations and general community building.

🚀 Launch! That’s right numero uno - product 01/19! In less then 30 days I took an idea and launched it to the world! Check it out

🗓 Weekly Content Routine! I’m starting off slow but happy to be writing a weekly post and additional getting into more short form content on Twitter.

What Did Not Go well

🤯 Subscription Overload. I’ve subscribed to way too many substacks, newsletters, SASS trials and etc.. I need to get my inbox back in control. I’ve started looking at MailBrew! or I build my own!

🕵 Knock knock, is anyone home? Years ago I had a good twitter following, my follower number was under 3K. I was hoping that my previous audience would still be kicking around. I'm sure twitter has some influence here but I need to investigate this further. I am hoping I can spruce up my current twitter engagement.


🎉 Follow Doc Williams! This guy is an encyclopedia of knowledge with No Code Tools. Not only is his content amazing, but he is a good dude! He’s already helped me on numerous occasions!

Action Items

📖 Levelling Up! Looking forward to reviewing Daniel Vassallo’s “Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience”!

👕 Quick Launch! Finalize logistics of a timely apparel pre-order site and distribution. The CrossFit Open is happening soon! Every year I design an “Open shirt” and this year I’m scaling. Help support CrossFit affiliates. There are a few blockers in place right now I need to resolve. Stay tuned!

🔬 What’s Next? Getting back to the drawing board and focusing on the next idea. I have 2-3 ideas I have been researching, investigating how to get it done. They are in the CrossFit, Golf, Budget spaces. I’m very excited for the next few ideas!

That’s a wrap on month one! Hope this was insightful!

February 2, 2021 How to Bring a Side Hustle Career Back to Life

After working on a side hustle over a decade ago I’ve since let that part of my life lay dormant focusing on other life priorities. I guess you could say I’ve been keeping the bench warm for quite some time. The past few years, new tech and the creator economy has caught my attention.

Put Me in Coach!

Late last year I started putting more time into how I could pull this off, how I could scratch that creative itch. Like many, ideas are plentiful but focus and execution is the road less travelled. I’m a big thinker, dreamer, and get excited riffing on ideas. Ideas aren’t the hard part, focusing on one and getting it started is much more intimidating.

Doesn’t matter how many gurus or successful folks say “Get started” - well it’s not as easy as it sounds!

One day things changed, I decided “let’s start"!” Who cares which idea you pick first, you’re going to execute on a lot of ideas! I took my old business handle Projekt19 and it was right in front of me - 19 Projects! That should be good enough to let my creativity roam. Now as mentioned, it’s been hard for me to “get started” in the past. Humans thrive and work best under time constraints, two years sounds good enough for me! The vision is as simple as that.

Build 19 projects by 2023! Two years to be exact

Getting Back in the Game!

It’s been a while since I’ve built something public. I let my twitter account run quiet, stopped subscribing to newsletters, divorced from the industry... I felt I had to play a little catch up! Things have changed, it’s funny you don’t realize how quick technology is until you take a break and jump back in. When I was building, Smashing Magazine, Envato were only a few years old, Dribbble was the new kid on the block, hell I was still using Google RSS Reader!

Things have changed, now you choose from dozens of nocode tools to build a Dribbble copycat in less then a day! Digital assets have swarmed dozens of marketplaces and content is everywhere.

Where to Start? Two week re-up sprint

I would be lying if I said it was overwhelming and unorganized, but one thing I am, is being resourceful online. I started scouring the web for basic nocode content. I subscribed to over 50 indiehackers/creators/hustlers/idea generators. I spent two weeks reading on anything about the current landscape. Here are a few resources / people that helped get me on the up and up;

  • My first million podcast - It’s an idea machine but Shaan Puri and Sam Parr have a ton of insight into the industry.

  • Indiehackers - Likely the most valuable community I’ve joined this time around. I’ve already made some great relationships here.

  • Reddit - Not a huge surprise here but a ton of great subreddits that I’m involved with /Entrepreneur, /SideHustler], /SideProject.

  • Webflow - My first entrance to nocode. I only chose this because it seemed to be the most popular.

  • Jakob Greenfield - Opened my eyes that even small ideas are worth pursuing.

  • Greg Isenberg - Not sure how I found him, but modelled a lot of what Projekt19 is.

  • Doc Wiliams - Great personality with a ton of knowledge, did a five hour sprint to validate 50 ideas! The guy knows a ton of stuff in the nocode world.

The Plan

Setup Projekt19 as the Startup Studio (Umbrella Brand), my personal brand would “build in public”. I needed an umbrella site and a place to communicate all the things. I created a Substack blog - seems like all the cool kids are doing it. I’m not sold on whether this is the right choice or not, for now it was enough to get up and running. Twitter would act as a supplemental quick communication tool from my personal brand.

My First Nocode Tool: WebFlow

I had a good understanding of web technologies, I built dozens of websites and WordPress themes in the past. Nocode made things easier! The learning curve was easy, sat down and went to build a simple “hub site” within a day. I figured I would learn more by doing!

Webflow is a joy to use, building is easy, and the ui is simple. This whole project was a ton of fun. I understand the site is simple but was a great way to time-box practical learning.

Showing Who You Are

With Projekt19, I wanted to show myself! I don’t want to come across as this dude that is going to crank out product after product on his way to making millions. I am in this to have a creative outlet, learn some new stuff and most importantly, reconnect with the community. I know I am not the only one with the same story, I know there are hundreds, thousands of like minded folks out there.

I am keeping everything fun and casual (if you can’t tell by the site!) I know the journey isn’t always going to be fun, but I’ve been there before I know what it takes. I am here to enjoy the trip and build some cool projects.

January 27, 2021 Launch #1 -

My first official launch of Projekt19. Introducing A random sketch generator inspired by 90's cartoons. Built on webflow cms collections and some nifty javascript making it all come together. The site design is what I really love and my childhood me is in love playing with the different characters.

January 20, 2021 Launched to the world

This is not a common launch, it's more of an accountability for myself. Tossing this out publicly will keep me moving along the path.

Projekt19 is a runway for me to be creative, learn and connect with new people online. Projekt19 will build 19 projects by the year 2023.

Projekt19 is a kick in the pants to get my creative self moving.