August 20, 2019

Preparations for closed beta


A lot of thoughts, conversations and development was invested lately for closed beta release. Still, there few bugs and some UI patches need to be fixed.

About a 2 weeks ago, when I thought I was ready for silent lunch and everything got covered. When configuring server settings, I had a conversation with my friend (professional QA) and asked him to make a some testing of what I had at that moment).

As a result, I've created about 20 additional tickets (95% bugs and 5% - "It does not make sense"). So I decided to delay closed beta for a few more weeks because I believe "Quality no less important than raw functionality".

So it was one of my lessons: let someone who never/barely saw your product play with it a bit. As a developer you see it everyday and it might look logical, but for the fresh eyes it might be totally different.

Thinking about product next steps (strategy)...

I've created product that basically core for my end-product.

Currently it is CRM with few additional features like client interactions and invoicing system. My final goal is to provide features based in CRM foundation.

To implement those features might take time, so I basically have 3 options here:

  1. I go loud about CRM (when closed beta is done) and then make my steps toward my final goal.
  2. I adding feature or two while in closed beta.
  3. Mix of two: I go load about CRM and adding features along the way!

So my question to the IH community would be: what would you choose and why ?

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