August 9, 2019

Started working on promeldung

Phillip Kessels @phikes

I want to share with you the story how I made this my next side project. I have done many many projects in the past, but always failed because of the same reason: Lack of a good team.

My father always told me about his ideas, some genius, some rather not so genius. I always told him the same thing when he asked me if I can develop it for him: When I am free, maybe in some months.

One time, when I was visiting Germany (I live in beautiful Portugal now) he told me about the idea of promeldung. My dad is a real estate agent and reported that all of the management companies have the same problem: They get lots and lots of calls about damages in their properties and need to invest a lot of time in processing and writing them down. His idea was simple: Build an app were people can report damages themselves.

I responded - you guessed it: "When I am free, maybe in some months". Then however he grabbed his phone. He called a property management company. He told them he has founded a company with his son and explained what was merely another idea of his. And then.. He sold it to them. I was completely flabbergasted. This was when he had convinced me to develop promeldung.

We went to a café and I literally scribbled everything in my mind on many pages of paper. Business Model Canvas, Marketing Channels, Data Model, Wireframes, everything. My excitement was certainly helpful in getting a very clear idea of what it should look like.

I promised him I'd do a Minimum Viable Product to test our idea in two weeks. Initially the idea was to just have an app which then sends an E-Mail with all the reports of that day to the property management company. However we collected so much valuable feedback and people and companies encouraging us that we quickly pivoted to building a full-fledged backoffice as well.

Stay tuned to hear more about how our idea turns out and what we are currently working on! :-) I am excited for your feedback.

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