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Propertyments is a tool to meet the needs of a modern landlord or property manager. I'm filling a gap in the market for an enterprise platform that helps property managers/owners grow their portfolio of properties.

First Walk-Through Video Complete

Over the last week I worked on my first walk-through video for Propertyments. I had a difficult time writing scripts and sticking to them without sounding too robotic. I kept screwing up something small, but enough to throw off my focus and need to restart the section I was recording. I have a new found respect for people that do this elegantly.

Anyway, here it is. It's the first of many and focuses on the rent collection portion of Propertyments - I'd love to hear your feedback. Next I'll probably put out a high-level walk-through of the app and its features.

Optimizing For Speed

Anyone else build their app to a "working " state then need to come back and optimize each page? It's been daunting understanding the performance impacts of loading multiple js/css files, when to async/defer, and how to properly bundle all of your libs.

I think for the next project I'll build that workflow in from the get-go so I'm not spending so much time optimizing down the road.

One of the biggest issues i've been fighting is TTFB on Azure's servers. I think at this point i've done about all I can to optimize how the pages are rendered, but I still see TTFB of >1 second on most pages. I assume azure knows what it's doing while hosting my app and I'm probably still not optimizing perfectly, but it's been a months long overhaul to get this right.

One-time Payments are a go!

Missed a rent payment before setting up the schedule rent? Need to collect a little extra from your tenants this month? Propertyments now offers one-time ACH payments! Read more here:

Rent Processing Heating Up

Propertyments is starting to really take off by processing large amounts of rent for landlords. This was not originally intended to be a big portion of the product but has become the most used module since its release. I'm researching why the influx of rent-process-focused customers, maybe it's due to competitors being bought out? Word getting around about the ease of use? Not sure. Right now it's exciting to see the machine go through the motions to get landlords paid on time. Very satisfying each time we communicate out to our customers that money is on the way to their bank!

Propertyments goes free!

I believe property managers need enterprise tools to really get a handle on their investment properties, no matter the number they own or manage. That's why I never restricted the features in Propertyments based on the number of units, however I did charge a gradually increasing amount based on them. Now, the first five properties managed in Propertyments are free of charge. As always you get the full set of features including rent collection, tenant and lease management, real-time chat, secure document handling, accounting and much more.

Hopefully this will drive more small real estate investors to Propertyments while still letting me keep my head above water as the need for resources considerably increases with larger property management firms.

Rent Collection Complete

Completed the rent collection module that allows a landlord/property manager to collect rent from their tenants and deposit it directly in their bank account. Integrated Stripe Connect using express accounts for now - might move to fully custom accounts down the road. This really changed the focus of the property management application and pivots towards making it easier to collect rent.

Still need to figure out how to do it for free - Stripe charges a reasonable fee but my competitors have found a way to pass off the charges elsewhere - more to learn!

First signups start rolling in

While technically still in "beta" I'm letting anyone sign up for free - for life. These are some of my most important customers as they regularly reach out with issues or give advice on what they need for their company to operate on my platform. We have a good back and forth that is worth way more than the small subscription fee I charge ($9 for most). The feedback I've received has been worth its weight in gold.

One of the biggest pieces of feedback I received is to get rent collection operational. While it was in progress it's a massive under taking and didn't receive the attention it deserved but I wouldn't have known without the feedback from people using the platform.

Development begins!

I began development of Propertyments on January 10th, 2017. I had a set of tools/modules that I wanted to have complete before a proper "launch" - that gave me a few targets to work toward. While I've accomplished those, the list of modules that became important changed or evolved over time and the development cycle increased. This has been an evening/weekend project but I don't think I have more than a few days where I've missed a commit.

Tech stack:

.NET Core back end

js/jquery/bootstrap front end

SQL Server DB

App, DB, and documents are hosted on Azure

Propertyments is a tool to meet the needs of a modern landlord or property manager. I'm filling a gap in the market for an enterprise platform that helps property managers/owners grow their portfolio of properties.