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I made a couple of improvements to the Propfire UX

I realized the need for the improvements by using the app to create an actual proposal that I'm working on for my digital marketing agency.

One improvement was adding an autosave feature on the main proposal form after 10 minutes of use. I realized that the hard way, after losing a bunch of copy I was writing, and then had to go away from my desk for a while. Not cool, but at least I made sure that users won't face the same issue.

I also made some improvements to the TinyMce editor I'm using. First off, I changed from using a local copy to the cloud version. I also got rid of some of the plugins that are now included in the main version, which were throwing error in the console. I also enabled a browser based spell check -- which is important and for some reason I didn't have.

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    would be great to chat about tinymce! I'm attempting to make my mvp and use it in the admin interface as sort of very simple content management system. Rough documentations for me.

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