September 30, 2020

Launched Unlimited Credits Model

Amin Memon @aminmemon

Launched a new pricing model for
Unlimited credits for just $49/per month

Also, upgraded the tools with better accuracy for
✅ Find Email using Name & Domain
✅ Email Verify
✅ Disposable Email Checker
✅ Email Search by Domain
✅ Email Deliverability Checker
✅ Email Inbox Full Checker
✅ Email Validation Check

Had onboarded 500 users prior to this on the Free Tier. Will try and convert them to a paid plan.

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    I'd be very cautious of this. You don't want a whale to come in and use your service while only paying $49 a month. There are people out there with mailing lists with over 100 million emails. I'd recommend capping it. You could keep your price at $49 that would support 99% of your current users. If a whale comes in you can service them with an enterprise account, and make money off of it.

    1. 1

      Makes sense. I was thinking about this lately but wasn't sure of how to have a nice simple pricing plan.
      If I say unlimited credits and cap the credits then it isn't really unlimited. I am thinking of removing the bulk upload feature from it and offer that as enterprise or credit-wise. Does that make sense?