October 13, 2019

Completed the product, while having a 9-5 job

Meet Chopra @MeetChopra

After some months, I'm feeling positive that my product now can be used by the outside world.

I'm working on Prosper, after my 9-5 job. There were many ups-downs while building the product. And, sometimes I lost motivation midway. But, I tried to keep showing up every time, after taking a little break and starting refreshed.

I usually don't focus on streaks or any such metrics, but I'm focusing on consistency and at least doing little work every day.
When you have 9-5, it's hard to be focused, and little things you do every day keeps you motivated.

And, yeah what Prosper is? Prosper is a video popup tool to capture the email address of your visitors.

Cheers, and keep pushing!

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    I love this concept. Signed up!

    Congrats on releasing the product on the side. I was curious on how long did you take? Did you actually do it little by little or did you have large pushes where you got the work done? How much time did you spend on the homepage and the marketing content versus building the app?

    You have a fan in me. I look forward to seeing your success and using Prosper myself soon with Curate (curate-app.com).

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      Hey @JustinCruz. Thanks for signing up 🙏🏻.

      And, sorry for responding late (time zone and office hours!). I wanted to make sure I answer correctly :).

      Exact time is little bit hard to tell. But, before that I started with usepopups.com and then used the same code for Prosper (A nps widget platform back then). And, pivoted using the same code to what it is today!

      It was a mix. Large pushes sometimes and little little over time. Sometimes nothing for the whole week!

      Most of the time was gone to product, but now after it is a bit stable I have started to focus on the marketing side equally.

      Thanks, and let me know if you face any issues while using a platform. Also, would be happy to give you a demo.

      Happy Monday!