October 13, 2019

Completed the product, while having a 9-5 job

Meet Chopra @MeetChopra

After some months, I'm feeling positive that my product now can be used by the outside world.

I'm working on Prosper, after my 9-5 job. There were many ups-downs while building the product. And, sometimes I lost motivation midway. But, I tried to keep showing up every time, after taking a little break and starting refreshed.

I usually don't focus on streaks or any such metrics, but I'm focusing on consistency and at least doing little work every day.
When you have 9-5, it's hard to be focused, and little things you do every day keeps you motivated.

And, yeah what Prosper is? Prosper is a video popup tool to capture the email address of your visitors.

Cheers, and keep pushing!

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