January 22, 2020

Begun the problem-solution fit research

Steve Fau @Hexsus

Even though this idea is based on my own, real-world need, it's still important to verify that I'm not the only person in the world who would potentially use this product.

I know about several other businesses with similar business models, solving for the same problems / needs, so that's a positive sign, but since I'm trying to come up with a slightly different approach, I need to make sure there are at least some early adopters for whom I could build this product, before I start scaling further.

Some of the methods I'll use for the problem-solution fit research are:

  1. Interviews with existing customers of other businesses in my market
  2. Interviews with potential customers
  3. Some quantitative research through various analytics tools, including forms, google keyword planner and more
  4. Crawling social media, forums and comment sections below relevant articles for info
  5. PPC campaign leading to my homepage where I'll lead the user to a certain goal (e.g. newsletter subscription)

Follow me and stay tuned for more info. I'll be definitely posting about the progress.

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