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June 21, 2021 New video launched:!

Creatively, this was a tough video to build and publish...

When I first left my corporate job and started my entrepreneurship/startup journey in early 2020, I thought one of the biggest benefits was going to be the freedom and "unlimited PTO"...

When you work a 9 to 5, you don't think twice about taking time off for Holidays or PTO. It's normal.

But as a founder/entrepreneur, every second of every day you aren't working on your startup weighs heavy on your mind.

If I'm not moving the needle, who will in my absence?

I decided to take some time off to go back to the East Coast and visit my extended family a week back. It may sound silly but I was nervous about being away from my computer/studio setup.

Luckily, I've got a great partner in Diego who stepped up and ensured me he'd keep rowing the boat in the right direction.

Despite the 2 hour time change and being 1200+ miles apart, we were able to collaborate together and put together a pricing strategy, analysis, and video that we're proud of.

The distance and time change forced us to think creatively about how we could both be involved in the video and the consultation.

Growth often comes from pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and putting this video together remotely is testament to just that.

Proud of our work, but mostly I'm just happy to be back in Denver with my desk/studio setup along side my founder once again. Our output is 5x when we're in the same place with 100% focus.

Very excited and honored to have gotten an opportunity to work with a great founder (Hugo) from a great startup (Helppier).

If you're looking to build a better onboarding experience - checkout!

If you've got feedback/suggestions for how we can improve these videos, please drop a comment!


May 25, 2021 New video launched:!

So I've gotta be honest, our goal was to post this video last week (May 21st) and now it's May 25th...

Sometimes unforeseen obstacles get in the way, sometimes we overestimate our own abilities and timelines to get things done.

I think the important part is to acknowledge to ourselves when we miss a milestone or deadline, think about why that may have occurred, and then adjust our processes and expectations for the future.

I don't think there's shame in lowering the bar a bit...we all want to be productive, we all want to be efficient...but if you continually miss your own deadlines, your good intentioned pressure can sour into anxiety and shame.

Regardless, we are proud of this vide and had a blast putting it together for a phenomenal founder who's building (BiP here on IH).

It's a small success and milestone achieved but I also think it's important to celebrate even the small wins! Having a pint tonight and shooting to publish another video by Friday.

you can check the video out here:


May 18, 2021 New website launch

Why? To be honest, our old website didn't reflect our new mission.

What'd we change? everything aside from logo!

What do we hope to achieve with this new website? Our hope is that it does 2 things:

  1. conveys what we do, who we are, & why we do it.
  2. acts as a central point of triage for all of the platforms Proxii is active on (YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, and here on IH)

I wanted the tone of the website to be conversational and portray some of our personality.

We're not in the game of selling SaaS anymore - our mission is to help indie hackers and startups GROW! Along the way documenting our adventures in the startup world and create useful content in hopes of helping even more indie hackers and startups.

My favorite part of the new design?

2 things:

  1. simplicity.
  2. the new illustrations --> we hired an entrepreneur on Fiverr to build custom illustrations of Diego and I as cartoons! Can you guess the cartoon we took inspiration from? ;)

Check the site out and give us your feedback! -->

Is it perfect? No. Not at all! But it was built with no help or investment (aside from the $90 we spent on the 4 custom illustrations)...and I was able to move from design to live site on Webflow in a mater of a day or two.

What would I change in the future?

I'd probably tweak some of the animations to make them a bit smoother on scroll/page load. I'd also like to integrate our live twitter feed. Also maybe add an area for indie hackers and startups to submit questions or vote on new video ideas.

but for now, it's good enough! Spending too much time re-building our website does not move the needle...creating content and helping more startups and indie hackers moves the that's where we're prioritizing our time.

May 11, 2021 Secret 6-Month Proxii Master Plan🤫

Diego and I wanted to take some time to plan out the next 6 months for Proxii. Check it out and give us your feedback!

View a copy of this document here: Secret Proxii 6 Month Plan.docx?dl=0

Document Contents:
-Mission statement
-3 pillar growth strategy
-Our biggest concerns
-Plan of attack
-Defining / measuring success
-Future plans for monetization
-Next steps

May 3, 2021 Why Proxii Exists

There are more developers and tech-savvy creators just like you, building software and online businesses in 2021 than ever before. The dream for 99.9% of us indie hackers and SaaS founders is freedom; freedom to create, freedom to do we love, freedom from corporate bureaucracy, and above all else, financial freedom to live and support the lifestyle that we've been dreaming of.

Creating a great digital product that is well architected, designed and engineered is a significant accomplishment, but if not enough potential users become aware of the product and you don't have the right business model fit, the product's existence becomes significantly less valuable and the chances of you obtaining your freedom diminish.

Creating a great product in 2021 is no longer enough. We believe that product distribution and the business model behind your product are now more important than building a great product. The ideal scenario is, of course, to be great at all three to increase the odds of success.

When you’re attacking a new technical problem or feature build, you don’t go and read a book or take an online course on code theory and principles, there’s almost always a GitHub repo or existing package/library that you can leverage and apply to what you’re doing. But where can you go to get real-world examples of growth, pricing optimization, and business model advice?

We are sick of all the business consultants, "growth gurus", and startup content creators who shovel impersonalized/generic $1000+ online courses to vulnerable tech founders with false promises of turning their side projects into the next Silicon Valley Unicorn. Our biggest issue with this kind of content is that it's theory-based, generic, and rarely tied back to real problems faced by real people.

The work we do at Proxii is real. We work with real founders and indie hackers who are building real digital products, to solve their real growth problems. And we document everything, and I mean everything. Our goal is that by sharing our experiences, feedback, processes, and tips along our journey in full transparency, we'll be able to help even more founders and entrepreneurs to achieve their own definition of freedom.


You build software, we help you grow it --> for FREE.

You can follow our adventures helping founders and Indie Hackers on YouTube and on our blog at