August 9, 2019

Launched WIP landing page for PTOBot

JJ @jjbuildit

I've launched my sales / landing page for PTOBot (even though it's still definitely a work in progress). You can take a look at it here and feel free to send me feedback and suggestions:

The why

The idea for PTOBot is based on my own need. I manage a fully remote team spread across every time zone you can imagine (US East, US West, US Central, Central European, APAC, etc.)

It always a challenge to keep track of who is out on vacation (or just observing a national holiday) and who is working. Also, some countries require that you track time off (even if you have an unlimited time off policy) to make sure that employees are getting enough time off.

Lastly, I try to encourage a healthy work-life balance and so reminding team members to take enough time off on a regular basis can be quite challenging.

PTOBot is meant to solve these challenges with a couple key features:

  • Automated approvals for time off requests so that team members are not waiting on a manager to approve
  • Reminders for the team and manager when a team member is going to be out
  • Shared team calendar so that everyone is aware of who is available and who is not
  • Vacation reminders that automatically remind team members to take time off if they haven't had a vacation in a while
  • Much more

An ask

Right now, my focus is on speaking to potential customers to better understand their pain points when it comes to managing a remote team, and specifically the challenges with managing and tracking time off / vacations.

If you are a manager of a remote team or if you know anyone who is, I'd love to have a chat to learn more about how you handle this? Feel free to reach out to me here on Indie Hackers or on Twitter!

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