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Officially out of beta!

It took 1 year, 6 months, 17 days and a shitload of money to rewrite from scratch, using Ruby on Rails and React, what I had written over the years in PHP and jQuery.

And today, after having successfully completed more than 1 million tasks in the last 6 months, Publer 3.0 is officially out of beta!

If I had to, I would still go over this major setback again. Why? Hands down, Ruby is the best programming language, at least among the most popular ones, and React makes you look nowhere else for an alternative.

Not sure where Node, Go and the rest of the newer ones stand, but after years of experience in Java, PHP and Ruby, the only language that comes close to Ruby's magic, is Python.

New dashboard is now live!

You can login / signup with email & password, or using your social network of choice (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

The new dashboard is built with Ruby on Rails & React, probably the hottest technologies out there!

Let us know what you think 💚

Open Beta!

After being thoroughly tested & embraced by some of our most loyal customers, the new version of Publer is now available & optional to everyone! 💚

The new version has a completely redesigned from scratch look, new Superpowers and supports Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn!

Wanna give it shot? Simply login or signup below and follow the instructions.

Looking forward for your critics!

Publer coming for Twitter & LinkedIn

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned on my interview last year, we started rebuilding Publer from scratch using the latest technologies (Ruby on Rails & React) in order to scale and support the rest of the social networks.

It's been a long year, but we're getting very close to the big launch! The new version of Publer is currently in closed beta with the paying customers. If you're interested in being an early beta tester, let me know.

To learn more on what has changed read the blog post:

Take a sneak-peek of the new version on the attached video below: