November 16, 2019

...almost finished with the MVP!

Alex VanderEls @RapidFireFeedback

OK so surprise surprise, the dev phase took a lot longer than expected 😅 ... even with my badass prototype and my book of user stories!

There’s been a few aspects of this which were more technically comped than initially suspected but the vast majority of the reason this is taking so long is 100% because of me... scope has creeped a bit. OK it’s creeped a lot but for a lot of really good reasons! The team at QServices sends me a build just about every other day and I can use this to share with people and get feedback. What I’ve realized is that there are a few features that need to be in scope for my MVP that are table stakes for a social media app. Things like allowing members to search for and connect with other members! (headslap!!) and also a light weight moderation feature that allows users to flag posts that are inappropriate or offensive.

Anyway... we’re at a point where I am ready to share this with more people and get feedback on a larger scale. I am particularly interested in sharing this with journalists, social media mangers, politicians, and people looking to do market research... like people here on Indie Hackers who are working to validate ideas! The good people at that I mentioned I worked with to conduct surveys have since pivoted so I think PukseCheck Media might pick up where they left off.

Next steps are to wrap up the MVP and submit the app to Apple Test Flight.

If anyone has any suggestions for a similar platform for testing on Android- please let me know! As a lifelong iPhone user, I am admittedly pretty naive about the Android world.