November 16, 2019

Define & Design Phase Complete!

Alex VanderEls @PulseCheckMedia

This was a really fun part of the product design phase. Although I’ve been working in Product management for a few years now, most of my experience was ind documenting requirements while designers create the prototypes. So this was a chance for me to learn something new and I really enjoyed it. I spent a lot of time learning a prototyping tool called and after iterating on it for weeks and getting feedback from friends and family, I was able to come up with a prototype that I felt was everything I dreamed the app could be.

With this complete, I also banged out a small book of user stories and acceptance criteria. Because I had already finished the prototype, the documentation piece actually went really fast.

I can’t code, but I recently sold a 1989 Jeep Wrangler that I had recently rebuilt and have a few thousand dollars burning a hole in my pocket. So I’m off to Upwork to find a developer!!

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