November 16, 2019

Surveys and customer Interviews

Alex VanderEls @PulseCheckMedia

I found a company on Product Hunt called that, at the time had a product that allowed me to survey anonymous groups of people, 100 people at a time. I asked questions with the intent of validating my idea. I asked things like... what’s the best way to find out what people think about news and media and the #1 answer was to read the comments section. So my follow up to this was - do you enjoy reading comments on news and media? And people responded with adjectives for the comments section such as... “toxic” and “cesspool”

Around this time I also learned about the 1% rule. It’s a bit dated at this point but it basically states that content on the web is created by 1% of people who surf the web. 9% of the people who died the web are not creating but are ‘editing’ the web... which includes actions like leaving ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. The other 90% of users are consuming content but are not creating or editing... just ’lurking’.

I also surveyed people about social polling. I asked:

How frequently do you come across polls on social media?

Answer: Rarely

If you see a pool on social media, how likely are you to respond?

Answer: Frequently

I took this as motivation to move forward with the idea for PulseCheck Media.

When we go live- I’m going to be laying close attention to the percent of users who are creators and editors. If responding to a poll counts as ‘editing’ then I think an app like ours can blow the 1% rule out of the water.

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