April 10, 2020

Article Planning for the rest of the year

Aquiles Carattino @aqui_c

I've managed to publish 3 articles this year, averaging a little less that 1 per month. I was planning to keep it up at 2 per month, but coming up with ideas is very complicated when focusing on other things at the same time.

The articles covered very different topics, from a technical article on generators and iterators, a handy how-to that can help as a reference for a lot of projects and a tutorial on Arduino, which I thought would gain some traction.

It turns out the articles are still not gaining traction. The most popular articles are still the ones I've published in the past, and are still highly ranked by Google. Especially the one on HDF5 files with Python is extremely popular.

Therefore, for the rest of the year, I've made a plan of articles I would like to write, focusing on catering more specifically to my audience instead of competing with other resources available online. Also, I need to revamp the book I offer, since that is my value proposition.