Finally... ProductHunt launch

🥳 THINGS is finally launched on ProductHunt!

Link: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/things-2

Generate 3D device mockups in a quick and engaging way using your browser ⚡️

What's new:

  1. Pre-made templates
  2. Brand new iMac Pro device
  3. Screen brightness and reflection control
  4. New custom scenes
  5. Environmental light control

💪 Full control

Get full control of your final image, customize devices and scenes as you want.

🤯 Save time & money

Generate mockups in a quick and engaging way using only your browser. Forget spending your time and money on Photoshop/Figma/Sketch mockups and 3D software source files, get everything in one place... Clay, emoji, realistic style, everything is here!

❤️ Thanks to everyone for your support and feedback!

Please give me any feedback or any questions you have about the project and I would love to answer them.

  1. 2

    Hey Augis! Signed up for the lifetime deal. Love your landing page and story. Just wanted to comment and say it would be nice if you provided a blog post or quick guide on your site on how to get proper mobile screenshots that will work with your mockups. Just a thought - keep killing it.

    1. 1

      Hey, thanks for your feedback.

      Good idea, I definitely will provide a blog post and video about it, I just need to finish screen control in a proper way.

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