Introducing Morflax things 2.0 🥳

Creating professional 3D device mockups has never been easier, everything in your browser 🤯

I'm so happy I managed to sort everything out today and launch it. Sure, there’s still work to be done (like always), but it’s better to ship it now than never...

👉 Check it here: https://things.morflax.com

What's new:

  • New UI design
  • Unlimited number of elements in one scene
  • Drag & drop elements (Rotate, scale & transform)
  • Rotate desktop or notebook screen
  • New templates & devices
  • Crop & transform uploaded image

👉 More features here: http://things.morflax.com/features

To celebrate the launch, I'm sharing an exclusive deal: 50% discount on our Annual plan 🔥

Discount code: THINGSLAUNCH21 (valid only for one week)

I plan to continue to improve the design and already have a few ideas on how to simplify it!

Any feedback is welcome 🙏

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