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September 27, 2021 Morflax things 2.0 - Featured on ProductHunt

Finally Morflax things 2.0 launched on ProductHunt!

It took me almost 6 months of hard work to get Morflax & Morflax things 2.0 at this level! And I'm very happy with the results 🤩

Check it here:

🔥 What has changed in 2.0 version:

  • Multiple devices & elements in the scene
  • Drag & drop functionality
  • New devices, elements & templates
  • Environments change functionality
  • Image crop
  • Screen rotation
  • Morflax dashboard (save, delete & reuse projects/templates)

💪 What's next:

  • iPhone 13 coming next month
  • Undo/Redo functionality
  • Multiple lighting
  • New devices, elements & templates

Can't wait to see your feedback and questions below 👇

P.S. We'll be introducing a new product soon, so follow us on to Twitter see it first.

July 26, 2021 $1k MRR

Morflax things have reached 1k MRR and I am very happy about that 🥳 It took me about 5 months to get here and it's just the beginning 🚀

I will share more information about the launch and results soon!

A browser-based 3D device mockup builder:

July 1, 2021 Introducing Morflax things 2.0 🥳

Creating professional 3D device mockups has never been easier, everything in your browser 🤯

I'm so happy I managed to sort everything out today and launch it. Sure, there’s still work to be done (like always), but it’s better to ship it now than never...

👉 Check it here:

What's new:

  • New UI design
  • Unlimited number of elements in one scene
  • Drag & drop elements (Rotate, scale & transform)
  • Rotate desktop or notebook screen
  • New templates & devices
  • Crop & transform uploaded image

👉 More features here:

To celebrate the launch, I'm sharing an exclusive deal: 50% discount on our Annual plan 🔥

Discount code: THINGSLAUNCH21 (valid only for one week)

I plan to continue to improve the design and already have a few ideas on how to simplify it!

Any feedback is welcome 🙏

May 4, 2021 5000 registered users

We have just reached 5,000 registered users 🥳

Thank you all for the support, without #indiehackers there would be no way to do it.

We're now finishing Morflax things V2 ( development and planning to launch early access very soon.

Morflax 500

March 9, 2021 Finally... ProductHunt launch

🥳 THINGS is finally launched on ProductHunt!


Generate 3D device mockups in a quick and engaging way using your browser ⚡️

What's new:

  1. Pre-made templates
  2. Brand new iMac Pro device
  3. Screen brightness and reflection control
  4. New custom scenes
  5. Environmental light control

💪 Full control

Get full control of your final image, customize devices and scenes as you want.

🤯 Save time & money

Generate mockups in a quick and engaging way using only your browser. Forget spending your time and money on Photoshop/Figma/Sketch mockups and 3D software source files, get everything in one place... Clay, emoji, realistic style, everything is here!

❤️ Thanks to everyone for your support and feedback!

Please give me any feedback or any questions you have about the project and I would love to answer them.

February 26, 2021 Over $3k in revenue this month

Over $3k in revenue this month from our new product - 🥳And it was only pre-release!

  • Sold over 90-lifetime deals
  • $3k revenue
  • $20 MRR
  • 4.2k website visitors
  • 300 registered users

It's a huge milestone for me, now I can focus more on creating interesting things!

February 17, 2021 First paying customers

We have our first 3 paying customers on the first day of release. This is really exciting and I didn't expect any orders so early, because the official launch is only next week.

The support from Twitter and IndieHackers is so huge, thank you all!

Looking forward to more visitors and let's hit 10 customers.

You can check our product here:

February 17, 2021 THINGS pre-release

I am so excited to introduce you to THINGS (pre-release) 🥳

It's a browser-based 3D device mockup builder. You can easily generate mockups in a quick and engaging way, using only your browser.

It's not perfect yet, there is a lot of work to do before the official launch on ProductHunt, but you can try it now for free!

The first 10 customers will get an early lifetime deal only for $19 🤯 Grab the deal at!

January 23, 2021 Trending on & 100+ waitlist signups!

3 days ago was featured in and now it is in the trending section.

We reached more than 100 waitlist subscribers. 50+ signup has come after was featured in (beta list).

You can check it right here:

January 19, 2021 Golden Kitty Awards nomination

I don’t understand how it came out, but QLO is among the top 15 design tools and a finalist in this year's Golden Kitty Awards.

It is such an honor to be a finalist near those cool products. Thank you all for your support, this milestone means a lot to me.

You can check it here: