September 20, 2020

Change focus to collect & present reviews

Aaron Li @qokka

The growth of our app had been stagnant for a quite some time, despite being featured on ProductHunt and BetaList. We looked into search keywords, customer feedback, and analytic data in details: there are at least 5 times more clicks from review-related keywords, compared to social proof related keywords (e.g. pop up, social proof, etc.). At this point it becomes obvious to us that the social proof market is more or less saturated until we have 10x features, but the review market is not.

This is further evidenced by customer feedback we got from . The customer had been looking for a widget like ours to collect and present reviews for months (along with a series of other features in the backend). We had long conversations with customers like them, and reiterated our product using their feedback. The result: happy customers, and much lower cost per lead and cost per impression.

Today's Top Milestones
  • 41 Newsletters/Blogs listed on AudienceHunts
    Hi guys am happy to share with you this small milestone. Today I woke up to 10 more newsletters posted on a Marketplace to c
  • Weekly Update!
    We've decided on the exact features the new community aspect of Paudium is going to bring to the podcasting world and have started to develop them! Po
  • Launched my favicon builder on ProductHunt
    I decided to create some free tools to increase traffic to my website. I started with a free favicon maker where you can create letter-based favicons
  • Podcast Ping Soft Launch
    After 37 hours of work that I documented on the one hour saas youtube channel, I'm calling the MVP ready to soft launch. I was aiming for around the 3
  • Reached 2.500€ in revenue
    Slow but steady the number of sellings is going up. Focusing on the content creation to showcase people what they can build with the tool, and improvi
  • Launched Maker News on Product Hunt
    I just submitted a new project under the Maker Reads umbrella: Inspired by the latest product by @mubasha
  • Added migrations management (v0.13)
    This release of Blacksmith adds few features, such as migration management, schema versioning, file generation, and a Docker-based workflow. It is a v
  • Potential Investor Reached Out!
    I had the chance to meet with a couple of potential investors/partners to join my business this week. They were fantastic and really straight-forward
  • Niche down and make it clear
    Today I published some new revision in the landing page. I've made more clear all the process to submit tickets and the services we offer. I opted for
  • PayPal with Braintree is now on Mavenseed
    An epic milestone for Mavenseed 🎉 As our first premium [$] plugin free for paying subscribers, you can now accept PayPal payments for digital purchas