December 5, 2019

MVP Ready


After a few weeks of working, I have the MVP ready. It's super simple but validates the technical side, which was a challenge for me.

The idea is the same:

  1. The merchant creates the QR Code.
  2. The merchant prints it.
  3. The customer scans it.
  4. The customer pay.
  5. The customer shows the OK screen to the merchant.
  6. The merchant delivers.

New decisions were made:

  • For the tech stack: react + firebase hosting + firebase functions + stripe.
  • Landing: I made a fancy/professional landing page inspired by Stripe.
  • Pricing: I'll charge 3% + 0.3 per transaction. I'll carry with the Stripe fee, so transparent for the user.
  • Currencies: oh my god, a stone in the shoes. There are many currencies available in Stripe. I should take advantage of it, but it affects many thinks. Fees, minimum/maximum product prices, UI, ... so I added a static currency-conversion table in the code, and now I can handle 100 currencies. That's awesome.
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