October 2, 2019

September Revenue down to $3k vs August $4k

Povilas Korop @PovilasKorop

Not sure if it can count as "milestone" but just a reminder that not every month the product is growing, it can also be up&down in business.
August 2019 revenue: $4,159.65
September 2019 revenue: $3,009.74

Of course, our pricing model is the main reason of such jumps - we don't have monthly billing, only yearly, and also "one project" smaller plan with one time payment, so it's not a typical SaaS MRR and more complicated to calculate.

But generally, the project isn't growing as big as I would like to, and we know main bottlenecks of this - it's mainly UX issues, where trial users don't see immediate value, or have troubles to successfully apply our generated code to their projects.

So it's not about traffic, it's about conversions - that's the topic for the rest of 2019 for QuickAdminPanel.

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