January 11, 2020

Bought the domain quiz.me

Anders Petersson @anderspetersson

Originally the site used the domain quizme.se and was only availble in Swedish. Soon after launch I lanched an english version on quizeye.com (quizme.com wasnt available). After seeing traffic from many countries were english isnt the first language I decided to buy country TLDs, for example quizeye.de, quizeye.nl, quizeye.pl, quizeye.no.

This got pretty messy and somewat expensive to renew domains every year so I started to look for a domain that could serve as the domain for all countries.

After seeing that the domain quiz.me was out for sale I contacted the seller, he wanted $3000 but after negotiation I managed to get it for $1500. After the domain transfer I set up the correct redirection to not lose seach traffic and moved all international sites to the domain.

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