July 5, 2020

June update

Anders Petersson @anderspetersson

Even tough the weather mostly has been fantastic in June I've managed to put in some significant work on QuizMe since I have vacation from day-job. I've been focusing on improving free/paid-user ratio and done work behind the scenes to better handle high traffic spikes while still launching a few big new features.


  • 8 new customers paid for a subscription and 4 customers decided to cancel.

  • Started to clean out inactive accounts. I'm now sending an e-mail to users that has not logged in within the last year. If they don't login within 30 days I delete the account. I only do this for unpaid accounts.


  • Added "Fill-in-the-blank"-question type.

  • Added Modal to share quizzes for customers with the business plans. Showcase this feature on the landing-page.

  • Pushed a new version of the Android app that improves user-experience when creating a quiz. Still plenty of room for improvement tough.


  • Pushed 93 commits
  • Updated the way list of trending quizzes work to improve site speed. Earlier the background job consumed a lot of resources and could take the site temporary down.
  • Switched from sync gunicorn workers to async gevent workers to improve response time when under heavy load.
  • Upgraded Postgresql from v10 to v12.


  • From subscriptions: $110
  • Stock portfolio dividends: $40
  • From ads: Can't tell due too Google policies, but down significantly since last month, possibly due to covid-19.


  • Run 34km (21miles).
  • Went to Crossfit box 3 times.
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